Prayers of Deliverance

The Cross of St. Zacharias with the Five Wounds: The meaning of the Crosses and Latin letters.

  • O Cross of Christ, save me.

Z. May zeal for thy house free me.

  • The Cross conquers; the Cross reigns; the Cross rules; by the sign of the Cross free me, O Lord, from this pestilence.

D. God, my God, drive this pestilence away from me & from this place, and free me.

I. Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit, my heart, and my body.

A. Before heaven and earth God was; and God is able to liberate me from his pestilence.

  • The Cross of Christ will expel the pestilence from this place & from my body.

B. It is good to wait for the help of God in silence, that he may drive away this pestilence from me.

I. I will incline my heart to performing thy just deeds, and I will not be confounded, for I have called upon thee.

Z. I had zeal on occasion of the wicked; seeing the peace of sinners, I have hoped in thee.

  • The Cross of Christ puts demons to flight; corrupt air; and drives away the pestilence.

S. I am thy salvation, says the Lord; cry out to me, and I will hear thee, and I will liberate thee from this pestilence.

A. Abyss calls to abyss & thou hast expelled demons by thy voice; liberate me from this pestilence.

B. Blessed the man who hopes in the Lord, and does not look upon vanities, and false extravagances.

  • May the Cross of Christ, which was once the cause of scandal and indignity, and is now in glory and nobility, be for my salvation, and expel from this place the demon, and corrupt air, and pestilence from my body.

Z. May zeal for the honour of God convert me before I die, and in thy name, save me from this pestilence.

  • May the sign of the Cross free the People of God & those who trust in him, from the pestilence.

H. Will this foolish people return to the Lord? Make good on thy vows, offering a sacrifice of praise and faith to him, because he is able to liberate this place and me, from this pestilence; for whoever trusts in him will not be confounded.

G. If I will not praise thee, let my tongue stick to my throat & to my jaws; free those who hope in thee; in thee I trust; liberate me and this place, O God, from this pestilence, for thy name has been invoked in prayer.

F. At thy death, O Lord, darkness fell over the whole earth; my God, render the power of the devil tenuous and dim, for it is for this that thou hast come, O Son of the living God: so that though might destroy the works of the devil. With thy power, drive out from this place & from me, thy servant, this pestilence; and may the corrupt air depart from me into the outer darkness.

  • Defend us, O Cross of Christ, and expel from this place the pestilence, and free thy servant from this pestilence, thou who art kind, and merciful, and of many mercies, and true.

B. Blessed is he who does not look upon vanities, and false extravagances; on the day of evil the Lord will free him; Lord, I have trusted in thee; free me from this pestilence.

F. God has become my refuge; because I have trusted in thee, free me from this pestilence.

R. Look upon me, O Lord my God, Adonai, from the holy seat of thy Majesty & have mercy on me, and because of thy mercy, free me from this pestilence.

S. Thou art my Salvation: heal me & I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved. Amen.

St. Gilbert of Sempringham pray for us.

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