Holy Souls

I visited the grave of my Great, Great Grandmother today for the first time. She was not a Catholic, but was not given the opportunity to know the Catholic faith. As a Priest of the Church, and her descendant, I blessed her grave with prayers, the sign of the cross and with Holy Water. I also prayed that if her soul be in purgatory, that she might know the beatific vision. After the blessing and prayers a beautiful dove appeared and looked right in my eyes and then flew away in a beautiful flourish. I think it may just have been a sign that her soul was welcomed into heaven… I can’t describe the feeling. Of course, I cannot know for sure, but it was so beautiful, joyful — and unexpected. Whether my Great, Great Grandmother’s soul was in purgatory and was brought into heaven, your prayers and indulgences for the holy souls in purgatory are so very important. Your prayers aren’t simply sentimental thoughts: God listens to your prayers; He hears them. Pray for the dead: pray for the souls in purgatory — they make a real difference because the Christian faith isn’t a ‘me and Jesus’ sort of thing. Christianity is something we do together!

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